Miguel blows away audience during live performance

By Danielle Blankenship and Sandra Merino

Runner Staff

When Miguel was announced as this year’s Runner Nights performer, the campus had mixed feelings about the choice. Some students knew who he was and we’re very excited about going, while other students had no clue who the Grammy award-winning artist was.

 However, the doubt was extinguished as ticket sales continue to grow, and the concert was sold out.

 On the night of the concert, the hundreds of students who managed to snag a ticket began lining up around the Icardo Center hours before the 9 p.m. door opening.

 Anthony Negrete, a human biology major, was at the front of the line with a group of friends. Negrete said, “This concert is worth the wait. I’m a big fan of Miguel. It’s crazy to been  following him and seeing how big he’s got. My family just saw him in Arizona, and they told me I have to see him here.”

 Many students were here till company their friends, and others were here because they are fans of his music.

 Bridget Guzman, a political science major, said, “I decided to come just because it was cheap and my friends wanted to. This is my first run or Nights.”

 Juliana Mullen, a psychology major and business double major, went because she loved Miguel’s song “Remember Me” from the motion picture “Coco”.

 “Yes I do listen to his songs from back in the days and I like his song ‘Remember Me’ from ‘Coco’, said Mullen.

 Fatima Ali, a psychology major, decided to attend just because of her love for concerts. Ali said, “I’m a big concert fan, because I live the vibe and the music.”

 Once the doors open students excitedly formed lines of the tables to check in.

 Students checked in with their IDs and tickets before proceeding to the security check. Bags and purses were checked for any banned substances.

 This process is a reason why the doors open an hour and a half before the show actually started.

 Although the process was long, it was definitely appreciate it for the safety of all the concert goers.

 At the concession stands in the icardo center, campus program and provide a Little Caesars Pizza, Powerade, water, and small bags of chips.

 There was also a stand inside to purchase Miguel merch. There were $35-$70 shirts, $70-$85 sweaters, and $35 bags.

 On the stage inside a Taekwondo center, Muhammad cook, President of Campus Life, DJ Fonzy and General G were entertaining the students with dancing, jokes, and music. They were also in charge of introducing the three openers.

 The first opener was a freshman CSUB student known as Melodic. The crown love his performance and flirty attitude.

 The second performer was Allie Randy, a senior from Kern County. Many in the crowd enjoyed her songs and amazing pitch range.

 Last, but not least, was another student from CSUB known as SHOW EZ. His final performance hyped up the antsy concert goers and got the crowd ready for Miguel.

 Finally the clock hit 10:30 and Miguel made his appearance. The crowd went absolutely wild for him.

Miguel perform hit songs like “Sky Walker”, “How Many Drinks”, “Adorn”, “Pineapple Skies”, and many more. His energy and passion was evident in every song and every move he made.

 Miguel connected with the crowd and had them singing his lyrics back to him.

 During a break in between his songs, Miguel gave a passionate speech to his audience explain how impressed he was to be among them.

 “It’s such an honor, man, to hang out with leaders…that’s what I look out and I see man. You guys are applying yourselves. You’re putting your mind and your intentions to work.”

 Miguel truly showed that he enjoyed performing for CSUB and he has high hopes for all the young people attending college.

 After his final song the audience demanded that he come back to the stage for an encore – which he did with three more songs: “Come Through and Chill”, “P—- is Mine”, and “Sky Walker”.

 After the Encore, many students stayed in the arena to take photos and find friends in the small room.

 Many fans of Miguel sit outside of his tour bus in the hopes of getting to meet him or getting an autograph.

 Sadly, no one had the chance to meet with Miguel.

 This is different than previous years, where Alessia Cara did a meet-and-greet with fans, and Wale met with a few students after the concert.

 Campus Programming really out did themselves with this Runner Nights concert and Miguel made it a night to remember.

 The campus eagerly awaits Campus Programming’s choice for next year’s Runner nights concert headliner.