ASI still working on student issues

By Sonia Lemus

Assistant News Editor

  Over 40 complaints about advising were gathered by Associated Students Inc. and brought to Vernon Harper, the associate vice president for Academic Programs. 

  ASI President Mariela Gomez asked ASI to help her gather student complaints regarding advising, so she could present them to Jenny Zorn, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs . However, Zorn was unable to meet with her. She sent her to Harper. Gomez said she and Harper went over every complaint and discussed what changes could be made for the upcoming semesters.

  “I understand that all of you [administrators] know what is going on [regarding advising], but I feel like you need the student perspective. You need to hear these stories and identify these themes, and we need to work on a plan moving forward because we need some changes for the spring semester,” said Gomez, “ I told Dr. Harper, very clearly, I am not here to just complain, I am here to develop some solutions.”

  Harper said that Zorn is aware that there are advising issues and is looking to host a campus conversation for the spring semester. She wants to hear from the whole campus community to help her implement some solutions.

  The Psychology Club asked ASI for $1,405. They recently held their event “Out of Darkness” on Nov. 20 in the Stockdale Room in the Runner Café. Because it was held in the Stockdale Room, catering had to be provided by Aramark. The Psychology Club has held the event annually since 2011, a total of about 180 people attended the event. 

  Next in the meeting, ASI granted the Psychology Club the desired $1,405, saying that the event was very important and helpful for students struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.

  ASI has given about $14,000 in aid helping 17 clubs and still has about $25,000 remaining. 

  The idea of an economy parking pass and valet parking was also considered. An economy pass would be available for students for about half the price of a regular parking pass with designated areas for students with that pass. 

  Valet parking would be a way for students to cut the time trying to find parking and walking to campus by having a valet park their car. Both ideas were suggested as potential solutions for the ongoing parking issues.

  The opening of the new Starbucks has been pushed back since the fire marshal did not like the door on the glass wall that would separate Starbucks and the bookstore. A new wall and door have been ordered and will arrive in the beginning of January. The opening is now expected to be Jan. 22. The Starbucks will be like a typical Starbucks shop, and it will have patio seating. 

  Over 250 students have taken ASI’s Barriers of Graduation survey. The survey was sent to both CSU Bakersfield and Antelope Valley and has shown that some of the issues ASI thought were important are actually not  issues. The information students have been providing is very useful in tackling the problems students face when it comes to graduation. 

  The soft launch of the CSUB Mobile App is set for Jan. 9.

  Marley’s Mutts will be on campus on Dec. 14 to help students relieve some stress during finals week.