CSUB starts 15 to Finish

By Alexis Redding



  The 15 to Finish kick-off picnic was held at Alumni Park on Oct. 10 at 11 a.m. The event was to celebrate the campaign to complete 15 units per semester. 

 CSUB has implemented a program that ensures students will graduate on time and complete their undergraduate degrees in four years.

  15 to Finish is a national campaign in which several CSU campuses and community colleges participate in. 

  Rafael Basera, physics major, likes 15 to Finish for students and recommends that more students commit to it.

 “It’s a great opportunity because you don’t get sidetracked. Also, the classes are free technically after 12 units cause you’re a full-time student,” said Basera. 

 CSUB Public Affairs Coordinator and alumna Shelby Parker enjoys the drive behind 15 to Finish.

 “This is a great initiative. Signing the 15 to Finish form on the website is just another way to hold students accountable and gives them small incentives for sticking to their studies, even when they hit bumps in the road,” said Parker. 

 According to the campaign, if 30 degree applicable units are completed at the end of each year, students will be entered into annual scholarship drawings and on campus incentives. They will also have access to special receptions and other prize drawings.  

 Academic advisors work with students each term to fulfill the requirements to successfully complete 30 degree applicable units each academic year. 

 Sophomore computer engineering major Trent Cardenas enjoys being able to participate in the 15 to Finish program. 

 “It’s very efficient and helps you be able to get on with your career. You’ll be able to get the dreams that you aspire for,” said Cardenas. 

  15 to Finish was introduced to CSUB’s campus through a collaborative effort between the President’s office and Academic Affairs. The campaign’s encouraging slogan reminds students how efficient 30 units a year is.

  “It takes 30 units per year, or 15 units per semester to graduate on time!” is the campaign’s motto. 

  “For us, we’re in pathways for a Berkeley grant. They’ve sort of encouraged us to join the 15 to Finish program,” said freshman physics major, Mason Lee.

 The campaign has a YouTube video, “Complete College America: 15 to Finish,” which includes emphasis on the tuition fees that are saved through 15 to finish. 

 Students are encouraged to sign up with their advisors and discuss degree-applicable units during advising. 

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