Hispanic Heritage month culminates

By Allison Lechman



CSUB bio-chem major Tony Sanchez takes a mighty swing at the life size piñata at the closing of Hispanic Heritage month outside the Stockdale Room on Friday Oct. 13, 20.
Photo by Jarad Mann/ The Runner


  Hispanic Heritage month is a time for “all students to come together, to celebrate culture, have fun and enjoy cultural traditions,” said Yolanda Moreno, Latina/o Affinity Group advisor as she pointed at the 5-foot rainbow colored donkey piñata.

  Hispanic culture made its presence known at the cultural celebration held in the Stockdale Room on Oct. 12.

  Spanish music flowed from the Stockdale room and danced its way through campus. 

On the left were tables put into an “L” shape. Students were moving down the line as others served them Hispanic food.

  “Do you want a tortilla?” said one of the servers to a student. There was also Mexican rice and  pinto beans There was jamaica and tamarindo juice in large drink dispensers. Churros awaited those getting food at the end of the line, as if they were a sugar-coated trophy.

  Cool autumn winds greeted guests as they walked in the Stockdale Room patio. The Spanish music intensified. Five charcoal grey cocktail tables sat outside. Students, faculty, and staff mingled and ate around them.

   “I feel like our culture is very family-oriented,” said Laura De La Rosa, human biology major.

  This event had a warm atmosphere. People wore smiles on their faces.

  Along with being family centered, each family has their own way of expressing and celebrating Hispanic culture.

  “With my family, we celebrate Hispanic heritage by having barbecue, quinceañeras, and really big parties for any occasion,” said Edward Espinosa, psychology major.

  Everyone was eating and chatting with one another.   

  Spanish music still played, and the notes were carried by the fall air.

  “Does anyone want to hit the piñata?” said one of the staff.

  Like a musician hitting the drums, Espinosa hit the rainbow donkey piñata. The crowd of observers let out a simultaneous cheer as the piñata eventually gave in and let all the Mexican candy flow onto the floor. People quickly gathered the candy of their choice. 

  This event is a highlight of CSU Bakersfield’s Hispanic Heritage Month events. Some other events included the DACA round-table discussion and Loteria Lunes.