Sweet Tweets


The following Valentine’s Grams are paid submissions.
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Brattney, will you be my Valentine?
–Josue Cruz

Happy Valentine’s Day:
Dr. Ishida
Savanah Bean
Graham Wilson
William Stern
Kevin Cruz
Diamond Smith
Rommel Gotico
Ed Webb

With love,
The Runner Editorial Staff

Hey, you made the paper again, Garrett Main! You are wonderful!
–Courtney Clerico

–Rashad Savage

Casi Cortez,
Here’s to being “#foreveralone” together as sassy cat ladies. Thank you for being my best friend. Hooray for being each other’s Valentines and to fancy time! I’d say more but it’s too big to fit in here. Love you!
–Your “Wifey,” Athena

To: Jesse
From: Sarah
Happy first Valentine’s Day, Bear! I am so happy our broken paths led us to each other. I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend or Valentine. I love you!

I love you, Lorena Mendoza.
–Jesus Gutierrez

To my Theta Sigma Chi Sisters: You ladies are the best! I am so happy to be your baby sister! I wish all of you the best on Valentine’s Day!

Mari Gonzales,
This boy probably tells lies, but I hope you like candy… and that you have a sense of humor.
–Joshua Carter

Bill Kernen,
You better finish higher than 8th this year!
–Your Secret Admirer

Francisco Valle (a.k.a. Pancho),
Happy V-Day. Hope you have a good one. Miss you old friend. I hope your leg gets better.
–Your Secret Admirer

Jeff Konya,
Good luck in the WAC! Here’s to the next fiver years at CSUB!
–Your Secret Admirer

Happy Valentine’s Little! 
I love, love you to the crescent moon and back. I’m so blessed that you came into my life. I know you’ll always be a huge part of my life.
In IIKE, Desiree “Big”

To: Stephanie Chavez
Hey Big, I just want to say you’re the best BiggieBoo ever! I love you & Happy Valentine’s Day!
–Your Little, Liz

To: Magdalena Beltran
From: Uber Garcia Jr.

To: J.D.
From: K.M.
Roses are red…
Violets are blue…
I never knew love
Until I found you

I love you.
–Your Knight in Shining Armor

To: Diligent Students
From: Trino Cardenas
I want to congratulate CSUB’s diligent students for their academic achievements. Happy Valentine’s Day!