Meet Mariela Gomez

Glendy Ardon

President candidate Mariela Gomez. Photo by Christopher Mateo

Statements: Mariela Gomez, President

  My name is Mariela Gomez, I am a business administration major with and am running to be your next ASI President. Given my previous experience as the 2015 ASI Director of Campus Pride, and 2016 ASI Vice President of Programming, I have familiarized myself with defending student interests at the collegiate level where I developed a passion for student advocacy and worked towards implementing initiatives that enhanced campus life.

Proven leadership and an internalized drive for self-improvement propel me towards pursuing this opportunity to serve. That is my passion and purpose. Some of my accomplishments include establishing 8 annual ASI student scholarships, assisting in the development and implementation of 5 Runner Nights campus festivities, providing students with access to over 400 local merchant discounts, lobbying local legislators to support an additional $162.8 million in funding towards the CSU System, working alongside campus administrators towards finalizing designs for the CSU Bakersfield Edible Garden, and volunteering my time as a student advocate for the 2016 Measure J local community college funding proposition.

As President, I will prioritize fiscal responsibility in order to maximize the value of our students’ investment, advance advocacy efforts through an established ASI student driven sub-committee, and further expand programming efforts through events such as an annual Bakersfield College Professional Conference and alumni mixers.
 I will continue my ongoing efforts to support a Student Union expansion, tackle food and housing insecurities on campus, and creating an inclusive campus environment by students, for students.


Meet Mariela Gomez:

Mariela Gomez is running unopposed for the ASI Presidential seat at CSU Bakersfield.  

The Arvin native and Business major, shared that she has been involved in extracurricular activities since high school and has been involved in student government as Director of Campus Pride and Director of Campus Programming.

“[Our] ultimate goal [is for] every student to know what their student government is and what they do,” Gomez said.

Gomez added that she wants students to know ASI is here for them.  

“ASI, we run on student fees. We’re a non-profit organization and we’re here to represent you,” Gomez added.

Gomez says she has been thinking a lot about next term and her goals.

“Tuition increase is the biggest problem students face. How are students supposed to graduate within 4-5 years if they have to work full time? It’s just so tough,” Gomez explained. Gomez said the ultimate goal is to have a fully funded budget and that all the CSU’s will be launching a campaign for a fully funded budget.  

Gomez wants to continue to advocate for students and positively contribute to student’s college experience.

“I want students to believe that they made the best decision coming to this university,”           

Gomez wants students to know that she has experience in student government, that she has a passion for helping others and that she will continue to advocate and work for them.