Let’s Talk About It: News Edition

Lets Talk About It: News Edition


March 24, 2017
Let’s Talk About It…
A Production of Runner Radio
Hosts: Paul Lopez
Co-Host: Julie Mana-Ay and Chris Mateo
Stories include:
1) Men’s Basketball advance to the NIT semi-finals. Find out where and who they will be playing next, in this podcast.

2)CSU Board of Trustees approves the first tuition increase since 2011. Julie Mana – Ay has more on the story in this podcast.

3) Republicans have composed a new health care draft that would potentially leave 24 million more people without insurance. We have more on this story in this podcast.

4)Runner Nights featuring Wale. Scheduled for April 28th at the Icardo Center. Doors are scheduled to open at 9p.m. We talk about some of Wale’s popular songs, and some campus programming logistics in this podcast.

Wild Card Topic:
April fools: Julie and Paul share their April fools stories. Chris explains the history of April fools.