ASI’s support for Greek life comes into question


ASI members sit in a meeting discussing different topics affecting CSUB. Photo by Javier Valdes/The Runner

Chris Mateo



In an attempt to receive a $1,200 reimbursement from ASI, Fraternity Council President Sammy Schwartz stopped by the board of directors meeting on Friday to inform the board on the outcome of his event.

In the process, Schwartz criticized President Alex Dominguez for allegedly not doing enough for the Greek community.

President of Fraternity Council Sammy Schwartz launched an event to grow campus interest in Greek life by bringing fraternities and sororities to the student housing east building.

The event aimed to get housing students to become more  involved in fraternities and sororities.

Schwartz attended the meeting to discuss last week’s Greek Mixer and to ask for reimbursement for the food provided during the event.

The ASI board had to table Schwartz’s discussion of the Greek Mixer, because he failed to attend the March 17 meeting.

Vice President of University Affairs Oscar Alvarez asked why the presentation was tabled until this week and not presented to the board before the event was held.

“I slept in,” Schwartz said. “Sorry, I had a busy week and stuff like that. I would get in [until] like six in the morning.”

The board said they was confused as to why Schwartz was presenting to them. It became clear when Vice President of Finance Precious Nwaoha asked Schwartz for clarification on the matter.

“Since the event happened last week, you are basically asking for reimbursement,” said Nwahoa. “Everyone is just trying to get a better understanding what you want ASI to fund.”

Schwartz asked for a $1200 reimbursement to cover food expenses for the event, after initially proposing that the board help fund advertisement and Schwartz then directed his attention to Dominguez.

“I know Mr. President, who came in and pitched a good pitch to my fraternity, especially that there was going to be a big emphasis from ASI on Greek life,” said Schwartz. “Unfortunately, … I feel like a lot of other greek members haven’t gotten what we were expecting from you. I’m sorry but I hope in the future we can move forward.”

Dominguez responded to Schwartz’s concern regarding the lack of support he felt from ASI.

“I think ASI has been a very strong advocate for Greeks this year,” said Dominguez.

Dominguez then reminded Schwartz that he was the one who initially proposed to give the Greeks a vote on the board.

“To say that ASI has not been in support of the Greeks, is flat out false,” said Dominguez.

Schwartz said ASI can improve its support of Greek life because it seemed to him that ASI was not doing enough.

“I’m just saying it could better, and I’ve been here four years. I feel like I’ve been here at CSUB longer than you have. I’m not trying to say anything by it. I’m just saying I’ve been in the Greek system for four years. The morale is terrible. No one wants to participate in stuff, but everyone wants to be the best Greek organization in the country,” said Schwartz.

Before ASI could release any funds, Dominguez asked to see receipts.

The ASI board decided that when Schwartz provides receipts with exact expense amounts, then they will be able to decide what amount to reimburse him.