Community and campus show their support for hoops team


Despite the loss against Georgia Tech, attendees stood up and showed their pride for the team. By Karina Diaz/The Runner

Chris Mateo



CSU Bakersfield men’s basketball fans gathered all around the city battle for a spot in the National Invitation Tournament finals Tuesday, March 28.

Rowdy’s Place, Lengthwise, Goose Looneys and Temblor all hosted watch parties for fans.

“I think it’s just wonderful that CSUB has made it this far,” said CSUB alumnus Edwin Delarosa. “They’ve been really working hard and doing really well and they are representing our school really well.”

Members from the community came to watch the semifinal game against Georgia Tech, and support the team at Lengthwise.

“How fun is that you got the whole community here rooting for your ‘Runners,” said CSUB supporter Janis Varner.

At CSUB, Rowdy’s Place hosted a watch party, which was attended by students, faculty, staff, administration and President Horace Mitchell.

“I think the results of this game are a little bit disappointing, but we have to look at it in perspective,” said Mitchell. “In perspective, the team has had an exceptional year and a tremendous run in the NIT.”

Some students and alumni said they feel the team’s participation in the NIT will bring fame and attention to CSUB.

“I think it’s great to see this growth of the basketball team because Bakersfield is growing as a city, [CSUB] is also growing and having a good basketball team helps with recruiting new students and making the school better.”