Artist Wale to perform at CSUB next month


The next Runner Nights, featuring Wale, will take place on April 28 in the Icardo Center. Photo by Runner Archive/ The Runner Staff

Christopher Mateo


No days off for Campus Programing as it prepares to turn Runner Nights into Miami nights by bringing award-winning artist Wale to CSU Bakersfield on April 28.

Wale is known for hits such as “Lotus Flower Bomb,” “Ambition” and “Miami Nights.”

Campus Programming revealed Wale would be performing during Homecoming this year.

This was after the first Runner Nights, which was going to be a comedy show, was canceled due to the comic striking a movie deal and being unable to attend Feb. 10.

“We had a comedian that was supposed to be here for Feb. 10, but he canceled on us last minute. Instead of trying to have someone last minute or trying to descale it [Runner Nights], we don’t want that. We didn’t want to move it to another location that would have been smaller. It didn’t fit Runner Nights’ theme overall, so we just canceled it and put those funds towards the next Runner Nights bigger and better,” said Campus Programming Coordinator Afaf Aldhulay.

The money that was saved from the canceled event is going to be used to fund the concert.

According to Director of Campus Programing Emily Poole, the total funds saved from the canceled Runner Nights are estimated at around $10,000. However, the budget has not been finalized.

Students will be able to participate as the opening performance for the concert.

“We are looking to open up auditions. We are going to have students send in audition videos. We want students to send in their videos, and we are going to try to have some student openers for Wale. That is a great opportunity for any student to open up for an artist,” said Aldhulay.

The Runner Nights Committee will look at the videos and decide who will perform.

The committee has yet to decide the date when they will pick the winners, or when they will stop accepting audition videos.

The applicants will only be open to students. Auditions should be sent to [email protected].

According to Aldhulay, the committee will probably look for performers that follow that genre of music Wale performs.

Wale’s requirements are different from those of Alessia Cara last year.

“Different lighting, different security, things like that a bit higher maintenance,” said Aldhulay.

The amount of money Wale is charging CSUB to perform has not been disclosed.

“The contract has not been finalized, so that information I am not going to disclose at this time,” said Poole.

Some students are looking forward to having the concert.

“It’s pretty cool that the college I go to has concerts for us. I’ve never been to a concert before, and this will be the first one,” said Kinesiology major Jason Hernandez.

Computer Science Alex Avala thinks that this might be the first Runner Nights he attends.

“I like Wale, but I’m not into rehashes, but his music is enjoyable. I’ll probably end up going. It sounds like fun,” said Avala.

Wale’s music does have some explicit content. However, according to Poole, the tickets sold to the students will have a disclaimer stating that the concert might have adult content, and students will have to make a choice to attend the concert.

Because the Runner Nights will be held in the Icardo Center, it will be an enclosed environment, therefore whoever attends the concert will have to actively make the decision to attend, and the adult content the concert might offer will not offend anyone outside of the Icardo Center.

“Rappers don’t always have the best message, but we have to [take into] consideration that we’re all adults and should be treated as adults,” said Avala.

Students should expect food items and other vendors to attend the event. However, Campus Programing is not going to focus on bringing a plethora of vendors and games so as not to distract students from the concert.

Wale is expected to perform for an hour. His performance is due to start at 11 p.m.

The openers for the concerts will perform around 10 p.m.

Runner Nights will open its doors at 9 p.m.

Tickets will be sold for $10 for students, faculty and staff. Guests will not be allowed to attend the Runner Nights.

The next Runner Nights, featuring Wale, will take place on April 28 in the Icardo Center.
Photo by Runner Archive/ The Runner Staff