‘Logan’ shreds competition in final installment

Breanna Hunczak


Hugh Jackman as Logan in the new X-Men movie. Photo by 20th Century Fox




This weekend, I saw “Logan”, the latest “X-Men” movie based on Wolverine, played by Hugh

Jackman for the ninth and last time. As a girl who doesn’t like the “X-Men” movies, I enjoyed this one because of the action and storyline.

Normally, I find the “X-Men” movies hard to follow, but  “Logan” is a different story. The storyline was very clear and easy to follow. This is because it just focuses on Logan instead of having more than 10 actors and actresses incorporated, but viewers will still see Charles Xavier make an appearance.

So girls, if your boyfriends or husbands drag you along to go see “Logan”, at least you will be able to follow along, and might enjoy it, like me.

The opening scene of the movie starts off with Logan, but he is not the comic book hero that viewers are used to.   He looks older with gray hair and a scruffy beard. He walks with a limp and drinks his pain away. He is sleeping in a limousine when a few guys try to steal his rims. When a guy shoots Logan, a fight ensues between them, which leads to the first real action of the movie. The producer got it right when they put an action scene at the beginning, because the guys in the theater ate it up, and so did I.  

The movie is set in 2029. Not much has changed, but semi-trucks do not have drivers. I thought this was completely crazy, because this is the next thing the car companies are trying to do. After seeing it on screen, I hope it doesn’t happen, because this caused an accident and more people almost died because they do not stop without a driver or a command to do so.  

Laura played by Dafne Keen is a new mutant, and according to the movie, there hasn’t been a new mutant for 25 years. Laura finds her way to Charles Xavier, and like Logan, she has a fondness for Charles. Logan and Laura both have claws on their hands, but unlike Logan, Laura also has blades coming out of her feet. This leads to an epic fight scene where the viewers get to see Laura as a killing machine, as she takes on 30-plus guys. Logan even joins in to help her once he realizes that they are both the same mutant.

This is Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Logan, and he did the role justice. This movie had action throughout, and even a cute love scene for the girls that left me and a few other viewers crying.

When Logan flashed on the screen at the end, I was left shocked, because I wanted more, as did everyone else in the theater, as we waited in vain for a teaser that never came.