Express yourself


The Runner Staff


Students expressed themselves in a safe way during CSU Bakersfield’s monthly Expression Nights Thursday, Feb. 16 at Rowdy’s in the Student Union.

It was held in honor of Black History Month and CSUB showcased multiple artists as people expressed their feelings and enjoyed an ice cream sundae bar.

Psychology major Yaritza Castro described her poetry, which she read for Expression Nights.

“It goes through different relationships and heartbreaks that I had,” said Castro. “It had different chapters and stuff like that, both about males and females.”

Lea Molina, president of Black Student Union, said she wanted to bring the art community at CSUB together.

“There wasn’t enough for students to do artistically,” said Molina. “I thought if they were in the art department, they weren’t really coming over here, the art students in particular. Also, there’s not really an artistic atmosphere when it comes to our campus.”

Audience member Yesenia Melendez said this event gives her courage to express herself

“It’s good to express yourself because there’s a courage,” said Melendez. “I feel like now I have the courage to express myself.”

The next Expression Nights will be held Thursday, March 16th in the Student Union.