CSUB celebrates Chinese New Year


Walter W. Stiern library hosted a Chinse New Year celebration with free food, calligraphy, performance of the lion and dragon dances on Thursday, Jan. 26. Photo by Karina Diaz/The Runner

The Runner Staff


A Chinese New Year Celebration brought together students, teachers and alumni on Jan. 26 in the Walter Stiern Library.

The official date for the Chinese New Year fell on January 28. It is a day for celebrating a hard working year, being with family, and the wish of a prosperous coming new year.

This year’s Chinese New Year Celebration was held in the Dezember Reading Room, and was filled with speakers, dance performers, a caligraphy artist and food.

“My favorite was the squid,” said bio-chemistry major Lea LaVilla. “I really liked it. I’m glad it is not just Panda Express. There’s a diversity of food. There’s more than just what we’re used to here, its not just like take out.”

Dancers performed ritual dances that included Sprouting Seedling dance and the Lion Dance.

According to CSUB mathematics professor Dave Grove, part of the celebration is also for good wishes for the future.

“We have to scare away the evil spirits,” said Grove. “There were a few parts of our usual routine that had to be skipped today. Traditionally we make sure that we try to go to every corner of the room, but that’s usually when we have several lions. We go to every corner of the room, try to scare all of the evil spirits away.”

This is the year of the rooster, according to Chinese 12- year animal zodiac cycle.

CSUB alumna Gerilyn Stewart said she was impressed with the festivities.

“I really didn’t know what to expect,” Stewart said. “I love the decorations, the video and the food. It’s amazing.”


Attendees from the community and CSUB gathered around to get food on Thursday, Jan. 26 in the Walter Stiern Library.
Photo by Karina Diaz/The Runner