Two former CSUB students file lawsuit against police officers


From left to right: BC students Timothy Grismore and Xavier Hines sit with attorney Neil K. Gehlawat and NAACP Bakersfield President Patrick Jackson as they answer questions during a press conference at Chain Cohn Stiles in downtown Bakersfield Wednesday, Jan. 25. Photo by Esteban Ramirez/The Runner

Julie Mana-Ay

News Editor


A claim for personal injuries has been filed against the city of Bakersfield by two Bakersfield College students who were detained by Bakersfield Police officers on Dec. 6, 2016.

In a video posted on the NAACP Bakersfield Facebook page, former CSU Bakersfield students Timothy Grismore and Xavier Hines talked about their experience leading to their arrest.

“At first we were kind of scared and confused and shocked in some type of way because it seemed surreal, honestly, the way the whole night happened,” said Grismore. “Right now, we’re feeling a little bit more happy. Our charges were dropped and stuff like that so we’re feeling better. We still feel paranoid at certain times. It’s daily things we can’t do anymore.”

Grismore and Hines said they were taking a break from studying for finals to get Taco Bell when the officers stopped them, attacked them and arrested them near the 1100 block of Valhalla Drive.

Grismore and Hines were charged with a traffic safety infraction.

Both students and representatives attended a city council meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 26 where they spoke about their incident and how concerned they are about the officers still on duty.

Grismore and Hines said because of this incident, they aren’t able to do certain tings they used to do on a daily basis.

“It was traumatizing like he said,” said Hines. “There are a lot of things we don’t do anymore on a daily basis because of that situation. We’re just trying to keep our heads up and stay positive.”

Bakersfield resident and reverend Ralph Anthony said he hopes the city council will look at this as a problem for everyone and tries to solve it.

 “For it to take place, is not human,” Anthony said. “To correct it, is real human. It will make sense for an intelligent people that one or develop a community that Bakersfield has been and will be.”

As this case continues with Grismore and Hines, the representatives call for action against the officers.