Bakersfield community marches in L.A.


Maria Rodriguez



The Women’s March brought together thousands of people from around the world, who protested against the violation of their rights.

The Women’s March, held on Saturday, January 26, gained national and international attention.

Marchers held signs expressing their motives for marching. The number of people that attended these marches exceeded expectations.

Los Angeles had about 750, 000 people march. Many of them were from Bakersfield.

Kimberly Kirchmer Facebook post recruited some of them.

“I set it up super simple, just thinking I was going to take 25 people,” said Kirchmer. “I ended up leaving with 120 people.”

Kimberch is a survivor of sexual assault, and she marched against it.

“When sexual assault became locker room talk, I just couldn’t tolerate it anymore,” she said. “I was marching to absolutely not normalize and not OK it and not let boys be boys, that boys will be good human beings.”

CSUB senior communications student Miel Rivera marched with her mom.

“It really felt empowering to be around the group of people that felt the same things that I felt,” said Rivera. “They were there because they were part of our history. This is part of democracy to go out there and rally for each other. Be there for the woman that you or the one that you see on TV or the woman that stood beside you at some point.”

Rivera said it was a great feeling to be a part of the march.

“It’s something that you can look back and say, ‘hey, I went there and I marched for reasons that I believed were right,” she said.

Some students, who choose not to be on camera, opposed the march and thought that many of the people participating only wanted social media attention.