Board gets back to business


ASI members sit in a meeting discussing different topics affecting CSUB. Photo by Javier Valdes/The Runner

Christopher Mateo


Associated Students Inc. is looking forward to implementing new strategies to better meet the needs of students during the spring semester.

ASI is looking to restructure the organization this semester.

According to Executive Vice President Alana Lim, ASI has been the same from year to year.

“This semester we are looking to make sure every position serves a purpose,” said Lim.

ASI is looking to clarify the responsibilities and duties of positions in ASI.

According to ASI President Alex Dominguez, if some positions seem to not serve a purpose, it is a possibility the position will be removed.

“We are looking to be a more efficient student body,” said Dominguez

However, any changes will not take effect until next year.

ASI is making these changes in the hopes of delegating new responsibilities.

Some of the new responsibilities are a result of the scholarship that ASI offered.

ASI is giving out eight $500 scholarships to students.

“The winners will be determined by a committee of non-ASI members,” said Lim.

Some of the funding for the scholarships are coming from the Kern Value Card.

The KVC is a sticker that can be bought for $10 that will give the holder discounts to a variety of stores, restaurants and services.

“Fifty percent of the revenue made from the KVC cards will help further the funding of student scholarships,” said Dominguez. “The ASI scholarships and the KVC card doesn’t fall under anyone’s responsibility.”

It is not the first time ASI has done some restructuring.

Last winter quarter, ASI successfully eliminated the vice president of external affairs position.

During the fall semester ASI restructured the Roadrunners Eager to Provide for Students (R.E.P.S.) program and created the L.E.A.D. program which stands for Leaders Engaging in Advocacy and Development.

According to Lim  the L.E.A.D. program, now with its restructuring will be prevalent on campus and will help ASI reach out to the community.

According to Lim, this program will help make sure students have the resources that they need.

There were a few struggles that both ASI and the whole student body of CSUB faced during the winter semester.

One of them being the changes made to the graduation ceremony.

Dominguez thought that the student body won that battle and ASI was able to voice and fight for what students wanted.

Ultimately, students’ names will be announced and students will be able to walk across the stage as they have done in previous ceremonies.

One of the main focuses of ASI for this semester will be town hall meetings.

This is an effort ASI is making to ensure all students are informed of what is happening on campus and that their voices are being heard.

One idea is to have town hall meetings with all schools at CSU Bakersfield.

According to Dominguez, these town hall meetings will not be replacing the ASI meetings and there is no set date as to when or where they will be held.

Dominguez said that ASI is working with the enrollment team to figure out what day and  time is best to ensure the greatest turnout.

Dominguez also stated that Vice President of Finance Precious Nwaoha has made strides in funding for clubs and organizations at CSUB.

According to Dominguez, clubs and organizations will now be able to petition for funding through ASI.

Nwaoha has created a procedure that will be used by all of CSUB’s clubs and organizations.

Overall both Dominguez and Lim feel ASI has worked hard to push the organization forward and hope they can continue their momentum and keep fighting for what is right for students.  

“I feel we did a lot to push the organization forward and this semester we want to further that,” said Dominguez.

ASI meetings are held every Friday at 3:15 p.m. in the ITV room.