UPD hosts Zombie Apocalypse Scavenger Hunt


Students gathered in the student union to prepare for the scavenger hunt on Monday, Oct. 31 By Karina Diaz/ The Runner

Carla Chacon



CSU Bakersfield’s University Police Department hosted its first Zombie Apocalypse Scavenger Hunt on Oct. 31.

While waiting for the event to commence, students sipped blood-red punch and munched on bat-like chicken wings, meatball eyeballs, rice crispy brains, and tissue-like, wrapped hot dogs.

“We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the there is a zombie apocalypse,” said Lt. Drake Massey.

The good news?

Students had the opportunity to search for survival items that would make up an emergency disaster kit.

CSUB nursing major Alicia Sanchez, 18, said that the event was enjoyable and helpful.

“[It was] very fun and you get the necessary supplies that you are going to need in an emergency,” said Sanchez.

In order to make the scavenger hunt possible, Chief of Police Marty Williamson said it took the whole campus to put it together.

The Walter Stiern Library, Health Center, University Advancement, Athletics Department, Student Recreation Center and Student Union volunteered to help set up the eight survival stations.

All participants were given a punch card, which had to be presented at each station where staff members dressed as zombies awaited them.

Once all eight survival items were retrieved, the students took the punch card to the Student Union to be entered in a drawing to win grand prizes, such as two pairs of Six Flags tickets, two pairs of Condors tickets, $50 gift cards to the Runner Bookstore and CSUB dining meal vouchers.

Aside from preparing participants to survive a potential zombie apocalypse, the scavenger hunt was, designed to teach students about emergency preparedness .

With the donations made by the Kern Law Enforcement Foundation, UPD was able to provide all the items in the survival kits which included: a tote bag, flashlight, disaster survival guide notebook, band aids, hand sanitizer, thermal blanket, cup and phone charger.

In addition to the Kern Law Enforcement Foundation, Rite-Aid donated several bags which contained first-aid supplies.  

UPD hopes to make the Zombie Scavenger Hunt an annual event to further educate students about the importance of emergency preparation.