Runner Nights returns with a Haunted Vegas celebration


By Javier Valdes/ The Runner

Annie Russell

Features Editor

 As Halloween nears, the sights of the fall season transition are in full bloom. As carved pumpkins are appearing in every porch and students are mulling over what costume they will wear to this year’s party, CSU Bakersfield is preparing for their next Runner Nights event that is bringing a spooky haunted Vegas scene to campus on Oct. 28.

 “We have a haunted house that’s going to be put on by Talladega Frights,” said Campus Programming Coordinator Afaf Aldhulay.

 Like the fall 2015 celebration, CSUB will once again focus the Runner Nights theme on Halloween.

 Students can dive full blown into activities centered around Las Vegas such as card games, photo booths, glow-in-the-dark face painting, music, food vendors and non-alcoholic drinks to lighten up the mood.  

 “I went to the last one with the Ferris wheel,” said senior biology major Michael Andrews. “It was really cool the school would do something like that for the students.”

 Andrews said that Runner Nights is cheap and free fun for all students who want to do something fun for Halloween.

 In addition, Toyota will also be sponsoring part of Runner Nights giving students the chance to win a free Prius.

 “I don’t have a lot of friends here at CSUB because they all graduated. I would want to bring other people but they’re not CSUB students,” said senior kinesiology major Kyleen Sierra.

  Aldhulay stated that 1500 students are expected to attend Runner Nights.

 “Every year it’s really different. The first year we had 900 hundred people and then this year for the last one that just passed we expected a 1000 people and we got almost 1600,” said Aldhulay.

 Runner Nights will be held on Oct. 28 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Student Recreation Center. Student IDs will be checked before entrance into the event.

 “This one is going to have a lot of fun stuff but it’s not going to be like the first one [of the semester],” said Aldhulay noting that CSUB attempts to make the first and last Runner Nights the bigger events.

 The first Runner Nights this school year took the theme as a carnival with a Ferris wheel and carnival games. The last Runner Nights will be another concert, however, CSUB is still working out who will be performing.

“We have some ideas and we put in some quotes but we can’t really give out any names just yet,” said Aldhulay.