Taste of the Arts showcases student creativity


Dale Wolf, art studio major teaching Dylan Scully, 11 how to throw pottery during the Taste of the Arts event on Sunday. Alejandra Flores/ The Runner

Victoria Coronado



CSU Bakersfield’s music, theater and art department opened their doors and allowed students, faculty and members of the community to come join them as they showcased their art on Oct. 9.

Taste of the Arts opened a window to the pure creativity taking place on campus. Guests were immediately greeted by members of the theater department who welcomed them and explained the layout of events and exhibits.

Each department showcased samples of what was on their menu.

Art students opened the doors of the Todd Madigan Art Gallery where a variety of original work was displayed ranging from sculptures, abstract art, paintings and photography.

The art on display not only allowed personal interpretation but was given a clear direction as the artists made themselves available to discuss the inspiration of the pieces they chose to display. This very easily sparked inspiration in those who interacted with the artists themselves.

As guests continued through the event, complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres were offered and provided by Café Med. Along with their wine, a jazz trio comprised of music students and faculty treated their guests with delightful song.

The evening was broken into various time slots that allowed guests pick and choose which events they wanted to try out.

“Taste of the Arts was a great time to come out, eat, drink, and enjoy all the art programs at CSUB,” said communications and theater major Dakota Nash. “We got to see what was happening in the music, visual arts, and theater program. It is a great way to experience new art forms.”

The theater department provided two different scenes from the plays they have ready for this fall, “Love’s Labour’s Lost” and “There’s an Alligator Under My Bed.”

Both plays had a very different feel as one harbored Shakespearean comedy while the other took a twist on classic children’s stories, there was something to captivate all ages and all tastes.

A selection from this semester’s opera was introduced. Flavor and spice was added when the jazz collective performed their pieces. Students performing were able to improvise and share their creativity as the audience grooved along with them.

The piano students performed a four-hand piano piece, teasing the audience with what other wonders may lie in the upcoming piano recital.

Following the piano students was the chamber choir singers who performed two pieces that they are working on for the fall concert. Guests listened to the choral works that took traditional religious pieces and placed a modern twist on them.

The chamber choirs ended their selection with singing the CSUB alma mater.

“Taste of the Arts was a memorable experience, creativity shining at its best from our very own local talent,” said community member Jose Jimenez. “I am looking forward to seeing these events soon in the upcoming semester.”

The amount of complexity, comedic element, and talent was balanced perfectly with the amount of modern, yet tasteful, elegance that captured the evening and left the faculty and staff feeling nothing but pride in the art programs.