Sanchez gains new position in president’s office


Jennifer Sanchez acts as the new sustainability coordinator in the president’s office. AJ Alvarado/The Runner

By Samantha Melendez

CSU Bakersfield’s former executive vice president of ASI Jennifer Sanchez has now taken a position in the president’s office as the university’s sustainability coordinator.

Sanchez appeared excited to work on campus.

“It’s one of the best jobs you can get,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez had previously worked on numerous sustainability projects under ASI, such as the runner bike share program, recyclemania, and e-waste drive, all which have been well received at CSUB.

As the sustainability coordinator, some of the things Sanchez will overlook are; alternative transportation options, water conservation, recycling, energy efficiency, the campus food pantry and the Edible Garden.

“It is important for people to be educated about what sustainability is,” said Sanchez

Sustainability is not a department at CSUB.

However, one of the tasks Sanchez will work on is creating it.

Since this would be such a vast department and consist of countless responsibilities, interns will be given the chance to work under Sanchez and take on various duties to help CSUB be more sustainable.

This entails contacting people, creating events, and spreading the word for these events, thus helping people be more aware of how they can help CSUB be more sustainable.

One of the ways Sanchez helped the CSUB community be informed about some way of sustainability is by collaborating with ASI.

On Oct. 18, the film True Cost screened in the Walter Stiern Dezember Room.

A film about the clothing industry and the impact it has on the world.

This will not be the only event of this type at CSUB, as October is sustainability month.

On Oct. 29, the e-waste drive event will be held.

The event consists of people bringing in electronics that cannot be disposed of on land field and disposing of them properly.

Sanchez will continue working on bringing awareness to campus, as she has done so in the past.

The president’s office staff is pleased to have another member on their team.

“Staff are delighted to have a person dedicated to sustainability,” said Executive Assistant to the President Evelyn Young.

Young previously managed sustainability on campus.

However, as of 2014 a CSU policy was put in action. This policy recognizes the need for each CSU campus to have a sustainability coordinator.

Sanchez is the first sustainability coordinator hired at CSUB.

Sanchez will continue to help support and expand projects on sustainability that have already been established at the university.