Coulter and Carville face off in heated debate


James Carville addresses the hostile Bakersfield Business crowd with thumbs and yells. Ben Patton/ The Runner

Javier Valdes



American political commentator and liberal media personality James Carville and American conservative social and political commentator Ann Coulter faced-off in a heated debate at the 2016 Bakersfield Business Conference on Saturday, Oct. 8.
Stan Statham served as moderator for the debate where he referred to Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as ‘crooked Hillary’ and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump as ‘mentally unstable.’
Coulter started off the debate showing her support for Trump and praising his political stance.
“He raised the issues that all of these cowards were afraid to,” said Coulter.
Carville responded with his loyal support for Clinton, saying that she has the experience required to take office.
“Hillary is ready to take on the office of president of the United States,” said Carville as resounding boos filled the venue. “I think the Democratic nominee is tough… and ready to lead this country.”
The political banter continued as Coulter blamed the media for the negative way in which Trump is perceived.
“It’s not the media, it’s your stupid candidate,” answered Carville.
Carville addressed the crowd telling them that they should be embarrassed for their candidate and their party.
Coulter ended by stating “vote Trump it’s the only hope.”

Photos by Ben Patton/The Runner