Carson talks politics at business conference


Retired Neurosurgeon and politician Ben Carson stopped by the Bakersfield Business Conference on Saturday.

Javier Valdes



Retired neurosurgeon and politician Ben Carson presented during the 2016 Bakersfield Business Conference in the main tent on Oct. 8.

Carson focused on issues of healthcare, growing up poor and pressing issues in the United States.

Carson said that people in the U.S. need to become more informed and get to know who their representatives are and how they vote.

“A lot of people, when they go into that voting booth, they look for a name that sounds familiar,” said Carson.

Carson also talked about his childhood and mentioned how his mother worked two to three jobs cleaning people’s houses because she didn’t want to be on welfare and didn’t want to be dependent on anybody else.

“She absolutely refused to be a victim, and she never let us be victims either,” said Carson.