‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ speaks at business conference


Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks on Trump’s qualifications to be president as well as the importance of strengthening the border at the Bakersfield Business Conference on Saturday, Oct. 8.

Javier Valdes 


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 87, arrived at a packed venue and was welcomed by a loud roaring crowd in the political tent at the  2016 Bakersfield Business Conference.

Arpaio talked about his 54 years in law enforcement, his upcoming election and immigration.

“They think they’re going to kick me out,” said Arpaio in regards to his upcoming election. “This guy is not going to surrender.”

Arpaio talked about his jails and boasted about the way in which he runs them.

“I’m very tough running the jails, you can’t make it too nice, or they’ll want to come back,” said Arpaio.

During the question and answer portion of the program, an audience member asked the sheriff when he was running for president.

“That’s kind of a demotion,” said Arpaio. “Anybody could be president.”