Political commentator gets few laughs at business conference


Political commentator Stephanie Miller spoke at the Bakersfield Business Conference to a crowd of over 100. Miller’s liberal speech grated against the beliefs of the largely conservative crowd. Ben Patton/ The Runner

Javier Valdes



With a 100-plus crowd of Donald Trump supporters and three Democrats in the audience American political commentator, Stephanie Miller was the opening speaker at the political tent in the 2016 Bakersfield Business Conference at CSUB.

The host of The Stephanie Miller Show got some laughs from the crowd mostly when she would hint at the regret of being at the conference, jokingly asking some liberals in the audience for a ride out of the event.

Some of Millers’ jokes fell flat, due to the mostly conservative crowd, but she did manage to get some reaction from the crowd when she said her 93-year-old mother was planning to vote for Trump.

Miller said that she always tries to say one good thing about Trump. Trump is good for two things the piñata business, and for the lapel, business said, Miller.

Miller joked at the lack of audience in the tent, noting that the coffee area at the conference had more people than her presentation.

“You know when you’re losing to the McDonalds coffee tent, you are seriously making some bad life choices,” said Miller jokingly.

Miller focused her talk on Trump and a 10-year-old videotape that recently leaked where he hints that because of his fame he could have his way with women and bragged about grabbing women inappropriately.

The tent started clearing out after Miller begun defending Clinton on stage during the question and answer portion of the presentation.