Frustrations with fantasy football

Joe Macias

Senior Writer

There’s no better feeling than finding out on a Monday night that you just crushed your friend’s team and started your fantasy football league with a 4-0 record.
With the NFL just four weeks into its season, men and women around the U.S. collect their knowledge of football and form their best fantasy football team they can. They form their teams and compete against friends, family and people they’ve never met before.
Fantasy football has not been something I enjoyed in my past years of playing with family members.
It was nice to win from time to time, but it was frustrating when I would pick my players and find out they got injured during a game.
It seemed that every player that I thought was going to do good had some catastrophic injury happen to them.
This would make me pick up a player with half the talent and ruin my team.
After this occurring to me season after season I just decided to stop playing completely.
I would also hate when some of the other people playing in my league would put no thought into picking players for their team and put up 130 team points.
Fantasy football leagues usually have some type of “draft party” to select professional football players and form their teams for the season.
The order in which you select your player is either randomized or done how private leagues choose to.
Some leagues may decide to allow last year’s winner to go first or the last place person choose the first pick.
For those of you who don’t know what fantasy football is, it is a points based game based on how well professional football players play in their game. People will select these players on their performance on past years or sometimes just choose the player and hope they do well.
Yahoo Sports, NFL, FanDuel and DraftKings are just some of the websites that offer fantasy football.
Some leagues have a buy-in amount that varies from as little as a dollar to hundreds of dollars or even more.
There have also been extreme leagues that punish the last place person by forcing them to get a tattoo of whatever the others decide. The only thing the loser has a say in is where the tattoo is placed.
A group of fantasy football players from Nebraska that are known to have implemented this punishment have made their league losers tattoo things such as a portrait of Justin Bieber, a unicorn with a rainbow, and a group of care bears surrounded by clouds.
My experiences with fantasy football have not been anything like that, but I’ve played three seasons of fantasy football and I found out that it is not for me.
As a Dallas Cowboys fan I found that when I had players on my fantasy team playing against the Cowboys it would be frustrating because I would want my fantasy player to do good but I wouldn’t want the Cowboys to lose.
I stopped playing fantasy football because I am too much of a Cowboys fan to continue playing.
I didn’t want to jinx the Cowboys by rooting for a player on the opposing side just because he is on my fantasy football team.
Do I see myself playing in the future?
Only because when you play fantasy football it brings up conversations with people.
It is a good barber-shop discussion topic and can break the ice when talking with someone.