Dominguez, Lim win in ASI elections


Photos by AJ Alvarado/The Runner

Esteban Ramirez



The unofficial results for this year’s ASI election are in, and Alex Dominguez has been elected as the new president and Alana Lim has been elected as the executive vice president.

Dominguez received 58 percent of the votes garnering 794 votes, while current ASI President Mike Kwon received 42 percent of the votes with 574 votes.

“When I saw my name on top, I was very surprised because it’s something to beat an incumbent,” said Dominguez. “I was very proud of myself and my team.”

Lim garnered 57 percent with 776 votes, while current ASI Director of Social Sciences and Education Nicole Mirkazemi received 581 votes.

“I’m very excited but mostly humbled,” said Lim. “I’m just very honored that students have kind of put their confidence in me to help lead ASI with Alex and take them in a new direction. They have put their confidence in me and I look forward to delivering to them and just overall contributing to the growth of our campus.”

As for the other vice president positions, Oscar Alvarez ran unopposed and received 1,310 votes. For vice president of finance, current ASI Director of Clubs and Organizations Outreach Precious Nwaoha ran unopposed and received 1,299 votes. Current Director of Campus Pride Mariela Gomez ran unopposed for vice president of programming and received 1,296 votes.

“I knew that Oscar, Precious and Mariela were going to make because they were running unopposed, but knowing that Alana was going forward with me, it was just a great feeling,” said Dominguez. “Now we have the whole team together. We have one unified agenda going forward and that agenda is to help all the students, so I’m very happy that Alana got elected as well.”

Director of natural sciences, mathematics and engineering went to Jeremy Ngo who ran unopposed and garnered 1,282 votes.

Six other director positions were unopposed.

Director of arts and humanities went to Claudia Ramirez with 1,272 votes, director of budget management went to Gurbachan Sidhu with 1,230 votes, director of R.E.P.S. went to Nadia Mirkazemi with 1,253 votes, upper division director went to Jesus Banuelos with 1,248 votes, director of community affairs went to Courtney Ludford with 1,250 votes and director of educational events went to Brianahi De Leon with 1,259 votes.

Director of relations was the closest race as Ashley Schmidt received 50.2 percent with 670 votes, while Jose Garcia received 664 votes.

For director of clubs and organization outreach, Alejandra Lopez received 63 percent with 834 votes, while Wendy Melendez received 493 votes.


“I was incredibly excited,” said Lopez on winning director of clubs and organization outreach. “Walking into the Student Union, I was very nervous but when I saw my name up there and my status, I was relieved. Campaigning was really tough this last week, but I’m excited to get next year going.”