Measure F seeks approval

Domenica Ortiz


Measure F will ask voters to approve a 1/8th of a cent sales tax, which will fund Kern County libraries. The measure is projected to generate $15 million. If approved, Measure F will last for 8 years, beginning January 1, 2017.

Kern County residents have expressed an interest in approving Measure F.

“I have been going to the local library since I was able to read,” said Melissa Peterson. “The library has always provided me with reading materials, access to technology and countless memories.”

Peterson stated that she has seen the decline in hours of operations at her local library and books have been swiped from shelves.

“Libraries are sources of knowledge,” said Joshua Ortega, philosophy major at CSU Bakersfield. “I spent endless hours at the library typing up my homework, searching the web or borrowing books. Without the library, I will not be where I am today,” said Ortega.

If passed, Measure F will extend library hours, more materials will be provided in various formats and languages, programs for families will be increased and a committee will be created with the function of recommending funding allocations.

Technology specifically is a crucial issue for families in Kern County stated English major Cameron Scott.

“Kern County libraries along with other library branches need to provide more access to technology for disadvantaged families,” said Scott.

Measure F will support new technology, create technology trainings and workshops, improve Internet connectivity, and provide computer literacy initiatives.

“I love that libraries now offer free wifi, and I can not wait to see what else will be added,” enhanced Scott. “We need to approve the measure to give everyone the opportunity to learn.”

Local librarian Sandra Evans wants everyone to support the measure. She believes that libraries have suffered so much in the past years. Evans believes libraries are as essential as any other institution.

Evans stated that she wants all families to have access and equal opportunity to knowledge. It saddens her that libraries are not seen as essential, but rather seen as a waste of money.

“Remember to vote in June to support your local library,” said Evans.