Assault perp still at large


The Runner Staff


An unidentified suspect is still at large after attempting to inappropriately touch a CSU Bakersfield student at the Walter Stiern Library on May 6.

According to the campus safety bulletin sent out to students’ school email, on Friday at approximately 2:45 p.m., a CSUB student was studying in a room inside the library when she was approached by a male portraying himself as a kinesiology student.

The male asked for the student’s help with his physical therapy work and asked if she would allow him to practice on her. He proceeded to conduct stretching exercises on the student; however, during the course of the contact, the male attempted to touch the student in a manner beyond what she had consented.  The student confronted the male about the inappropriate touching at which point he left the area.

“No, we are still working on the case and identify the suspect. We are still in the early stage of the investigation,” said University Police Chief Marty Williamson.

To Williamson’s understanding only one individual was stopped because they fit the suspect’s description.

The campus safety bulletin about this incident was sent out by University Police Chief Marty Williamson to CSUB students, but according to Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Information Technology Services Faust Gorham, students couldn’t receive the attachment with the bulletin because Office 365 does not allow for students to receive attachments. Therefore, Gorham sent out the bulletin on May 7 around noon and added they will be removing this limitation.

According to the description from the bulletin, the suspect is described as a dark-skinned Hispanic male in his early 20s.  The suspect had dark, brown eyes, long hair which was gelled down, a medium build, approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and no facial hair.

“I advise the students to be careful or wary, and to be alert at all times,” said Dean of the Library Curt Asher. “The library is a very safe place to come and study.”

Chief Williamson has spoken on the incident. The suspect has not been identified or arrested.

Marvin Pop, 22, was stopped by police officers when he was walking out of the elevator of the library while visiting his girlfriend.

“I felt shocked. I was stopped because I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong,” said Pop.

Some students are concerned with their safety in the library.

“I would like to see more security because I stay late at night, and I stay till 1am and I rarely see cop cars,” said Carmen Maza, 18, a biology major.

Some students want to be informed more of incidents like these.

“I think the library should have more heads up or warnings or tips on how to avoid the issue and they should spread the word,” said Diana Contreras, 21.

Chief Williamson said there is already good security in the library.

“Community service officers (CSO) and police officers regularly patrol the library on their routes when they are on duty,” he said.

Charges have yet to be determined. According to Williamson, it depends on what the evidence will show.

The suspect was last seen wearing a black, red and green plaid-patterned shirt with dark wash jeans.

Last month, on April 7, there was another incident in Student Housing East. Student housing sent out an email to its residents on April 8 in regards to the incident.

“We want to keep you informed of safety concerns in your community and encourage you to be proactive in being aware and conscious about safety in student housing. Last night, a female housing student was grabbed by a male housing student. Due to the cooperation of our residents, our staff and University Police, the male student in question was in police custody within hours.”

The email continued to state the suspect was apprehended quickly after the incident and added in order to help student housing’s community to be safer that residents remember to not prop doors that should remain locked, to be aware of surroundings and to report any suspicious behavior to staff and University Police.

No other information has been released by UPD on this incident.