Two fees to increase next fall

Esteban Ramirez



During the Associated Student Inc. board of directors meeting on Friday, it was reported by Director of Social Sciences and Education Nicole Mirkazemi that two student fees are increasing next school year.

Mirkazemi said the two fees that are increasing next year are the MyWritingLab fee and the technology fee. The MyWritingLab fee is increasing from $24 per semester and $36 per semester. The technology fee had originally gone up from $6 to $9 for the quarter to semester conversion; however, it is now increasing to $15.

“[Pearson Writer] is adding an additional program that can be added to your mobile device, so that’s why that fee is increasing,” said Mirkazemi on the MyWritingLabs fee increase. “The prices went up for them.”

Pearson Writer is adding Pearson Tutoring Services, and that is what the increase is going towards.

She added that the technology fee is increasing for maintenance and updating of computers.

The fee increases were passed by votes from the Campus Fee Advisory Committee, and the majority agreed with the increases.

According to ASI President Mike Kwon, the technology fee was originally proposed for a $50 increase for the whole year.

After discussing it in the Campus Fee Advisory Committee, the committee decided to only make it a $12 increase.

Kwon said since this was a fee not proposed by ASI. It did not go to referendum and was voted on by the committee itself.