Milobar set to compete in Canada

Joe Macias

Sports Editor


Photo Courtesy of CSUB Athletics Dylana Milobar
Photo from CSUB Athletics

The CSU Bakersfield women’s swimming and diving team is in the offseason, but that doesn’t stop one swimmer who is continuing to compete internationally.

CSUB junior breaststroke swimmer Dylana Milobar is from Kamloops, a city in British Columbia, Canada. This summer Milobar will return to Canada to compete in the Canadian Nationals in August.

“Growing up (in Canada) it was awesome. I had an awesome childhood,” said Milobar. “I lived near two different ski hills. There was a major city near me, and there was always something to do.”

Milobar’s parents also contributed to her early career in swimming.

“Aside from driving me to practice (my parents) always made sure I had the right food I needed to swim the next day or they always made sure I had the equipment I needed and they always let me go to whatever meet I wanted to. They didn’t put limits on anything, and they always pushed me to do something better than I thought I could do.”

Milobar has had some success lately as she competed in the Canadian Olympic Trials in early April.
Milobar posted her personal best times in the 200-meter breaststroke (2:36.34) and in the 100-meter breaststroke (1:11.84). Milobar’s time in the 200-meter was enough to put her through to compete in the Canadian and United States Nationals. Milobar is also looking to compete in the U.S. Open later on in the year as well.

“It’s kind of a nice feeling because I had done pretty well in high school, but I kept getting sick so I’d get a lot of setbacks,” said Milobar. “Now, I feel like I’m finally getting way stronger than I’ve ever been, and I’m training a lot better than I used to a couple of years ago. I’m definitely racing more consistently, so that’s kind of nice to do considering I’m almost done swimming in a couple of years.”

When asked what differences there were between living in Canada and moving to the United States Milobar said, “They’re pretty similar aside the differences in food it’s like the exact same. There’s more flavors of like soda and way more fast food.”

Many people in the CSUB swim program have also contributed to Milobar’s development as a swimmer and have helped her get to where she is now. Milobar has formed a close relationship with her teammate, freshman Summer D’Arcy, who also competes in the breaststroke category.

“She’s extremely motivating,” said D’Arcy. “I think it’s pretty admiring considering how she is always on it. I haven’t seen her have a bad race since I’ve been here at least. It’s kind of good to watch because I’m kind of up and down, and I just like to see her consistently swim well. I think if I wasn’t training with her I wouldn’t have as good as a year as I thought I would have.”

Another person who has seen and worked with Milobar is CSUB Director of Swimming Chris Hansen.
“She grew into herself somehow this year,” said Hansen. “I had never coached her her first two years. I coached her this year. It maybe was the combination of her, and I getting along really well and figuring something out. She kind of made this giant jump out of nowhere, but she works really hard and takes it really serious.”

Hansen also talked about how Milobar’s is also a good teammate away from the pool and knows when it’s time to perform.

“Dylana is really goofy and she’s really fun to be around, but she takes every workout she does serious,” said Hansen.

When asked about Milobar’s characteristics D’arcy said, “(Dylana) is really outgoing. She’s hardworking. She’s pretty quarky.”

Milobar has earned her spot as one of the team’s captains and has also been someone that the whole team looks up to.

“If someone on the team doesn’t look up to her there’s probably an issue with that person,” said Hansen.