Cara reflects on her success


Alessia Cara performs in the Icardo Center on April 23. Photo by Alejandra Flores/The Runner

Jonathan Wells



Alessia Cara performs in front of CSUB students on April 23 inside the Icardo Center. Photo by Alejandra Flores/The Runner

Though Toronto-based singer and songwriter Alessia Cara is known for songs “Here” and “Wild Things,” she still thinks she has to prove herself wherever she goes.

Cara sat down with The Runner before her big show at CSU Bakersfield on April 23 and talked about success at a young age, her hobbies and performing.

“I don’t know how many people know who I am here, so I always feel like you have to prove yourself a little bit,” Cara said.

Cara was the first headlining artist to perform for the Runner Nights celebration at CSUB and was excited to be part of the new tradition.

“I heard that this is actually [CSUB’s] first concert, or the first time that the school has done a concert which is really cool,” said Cara. “I hope it’s good. I’m going to try and make it better.”

Although Cara had yet to perform, her experience at CSUB was welcoming but different from the schools in Canada.

“I like it. Everyone has been really welcoming; it’s a really nice school. It’s cool to see schools in America versus schools in Canada, I feel like they are very different.”

Cara who recently performed at Coachella for the first time on April 17 talked about her experience as she was set to return and perform for week two.

“We go back tomorrow,” she said. “We are driving out tonight after the show to do week two. [Coachella] was amazing. It’s so cool. I’d never been before, so it was really cool to see what it really is like in real-life.

“It was so crowded and a bunch of people actually came to my set, which was cool because I didn’t really know what to expect.”

Leaving room for creativity in her work and learning from different experiences was one of the biggest influences in Cara’s music. She said she stays creative by learning about different things.

Cara’s hobbies don’t just revolve around song writing, singing and playing instruments. Cara said she loves to film and edit videos, writing poetry and acting.

“I’m really into [filming and editing]. I did that in school a lot,” she said. “I write poems, short-stories things like that and I’m into acting also.

“But I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re like talents, they’re just hobbies that I like to do.”

Although Cara’s singing has propelled her into fame, there are some things that she is not very talented at.

“Not bowling [because] yesterday I went bowling and I thought I would be OK and I was horrible,” said Cara.