Beyoncé serves fans a bitter sweet ‘Lemonade’

Chris Mateo

Distribution Manager


The new album “Lemonade” from Beyoncé is a roller coaster of emotions.

On April 23, Beyoncé released her sixth studio album, “Lemonade.” She talks about different topics such as infidelity and depression.

The album had been long anticipated by yours truly and by her fan base the BeyHive.

Her songs have different influences from other genres. For example, “Hold Up” has a reggae vibe to it. The song “Daddy Lessons” is a country song. “Don’t Hurt Yourself” pulls from the rock genre. It is very clear to see that Beyoncé tried to experiment with other genres other than R&B.

This album can easily be considered as the album of the year. Besides the beats and the aesthetics of the album, the lyrics relate to the listeners. It is definitely a darker side of Beyoncé that the public is not used to, but it is an excellent choice to open up about this side because the music is phenomenal.

The whole album is not all dark. There is one particular song that when one is feeling uninspired or unmotivated can listen to and immediately feel as though one can conquer the whole world. The song is called “Freedom.” It features rapper Kendrick Lamar. In the song, Beyoncé says, “I’ma keep runnin’ cuz’ a winner don’t quit on themselves.”

The song features a heavy drum beat that makes the song feel so powerful and empowering.

The whole album feels like a story that has anger and passion behind it, because Beyoncé’s vocals feature a soulful sound, it feels as though one is hearing an Aretha Franklin and Etta James mixture.

“Lemonade” features Beyoncé’s controversial single “Formation.” The darker songs speak about infidelity in the relationship. It speaks about injustices and insecurities in relationships. However, her song “Sorry” is an unapologetic anthem of a woman who has moved on from an old love and is not dwelling on the pain of the breakup.

“Lemonade” is 12 songs long. The most memorable songs have to be “Hold Up,” “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” “6 Inch,” “Daddy Lessons,” “Freedom” and “Formation.”

Each song has a different feel to it and they stand out for their individuality and lyrics. Most of the songs are explicit and should be heard with caution.

For those who are Beyoncé fans it would be fair to say that Beyoncé has pleased you and if you are not, this Beyoncé album will have something for everyone.

This is one album that must be bought. It is worth every single penny. Beyoncé has once again proved why she has been crowned queen of the music industry.