New parking lot delayed


Javier Valdez/The Runner ASI discusses the few changes expected to occur on campus.

Esteban Ramirez



The new K3 parking lot, which was set to be finished in January 2017, has now been delayed to February 2017.

At the Associated Students Inc. weekly board of directors meeting, ASI President Mike Kwon said that the parking lot will be delayed due to the Bakersfield Business Conference.

According to Kwon, the members of the Bakersfield Business Association wanted the part of the land, which is going to be worked on for the new parking lot, to remain as is until after the conference.

“They were like, ‘no, no, we’ll have the grass there and then you can start your construction afterwards,’” Kwon said. “That’s the route Pat Jacobs decided to take.”

According to Kwon, he was informed of this at a focus group meeting with Chief of University Police Marty Williamson, Director of Academic Operations and Support John Dirkse, Vice President of Facilities and Management Pat Jacobs, Athletics Director Kenneth Siegfried, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Jim Drnek and Department Chair of Philosophy and Religious Studies Jackie Kegley.

The focus group meets to give recommendations to the President’s Cabinet.

Kwon also said in the focus group they discussed the possible renaming of the Classroom Building and Science I, II and III.

“The reason why we wanted to change the names was because it was confusing in general,” Kwon said. “We want students to have a more clear understanding where the buildings are.”

Kwon said that they have added a new camera in Dorothy Donahoe Hall and they are considering putting in more cameras on campus in the future.

Additionally, Facilities will be installing sensors and alarms on both east and west doors of DDH. At the end of April, DDH closes at 11 p.m.



CEO of Clinica Sierra Vista and this year’s graduation commencement speaker Stephen Schilling visited ASI to discuss his address and get feedback on what students would like to hear from his speech.

ASI Executive Vice President Jennifer Sanchez said she would like to hear about searching what they want as their career.

ASI Vice President of University Affairs Anish Mohan said he would like to hear that all the hard work is actually worth it.

ASI Vice President of Programming Mirka Sanchez said she would like to hear about being open to opportunities.
Schilling replied by stating that things will change.

“This is a big deal,” said Schilling. “Your parents are there. The people that love you and support you are there.

“Your colleagues, compatriots and peers are there and you are there. And your faculty is there, so I don’t want to blow it.”

Kwon said that Schilling getting a wide-spectrum of ideas was great.

“It’s hot and sometimes students are like, ‘hurry up, I want to get my degree because it’s hot.,’” said Kwon. “If he gets relevant information, it helps connect both students and the faculty members.

“It kind of energizes them while he is talking. It has that impact, that emotional impact.”
Director Search
Student Affairs Liaison Drnek said the search committee for the ASI executive director position will have lunch with two candidates on April 26 in the Student Recreation Center Solorio Room.

Drnek added the other candidate will be on campus on May 6.

“This is a very important decision, especially for [the board],” said Drnek. “We have been at it for a while now and we’re hoping for a successful outcome, this time.”

ASI meets every Friday from 3:15 p.m to 5 p.m. in ITV Studio C.