FACULTY STRIKE: Union and chancellor re-enter negotiation

Javier Valdes

News Editor


Tuesday night at approximately 7 p.m., the California Faculty Association leaders and the California State University officials re-entered negotiation talks in efforts to develop an agreement to settle the contract dispute between the CSU administration and the CFA union faculty members.

In conjunction with current talks, both parties have agreed on a 48-hour blackout period where both CSU management and CFA union members will not talk to the news media and are remaining silent on the issue.

Wednesday afternoon the CSU Bakersfield CFA canceled the planned Strike School 2016 event following the 48-hour blackout period announcement. The Strike School, which was set for faculty to learn the details about next week’s historic strike, was used to instead inform faculty about the blackout and about remaining quiet on the issue until the 48-hour period is over.

When trying to interview CSU Bakersfield’s CFA chapter president Doreen Anderson-Facile she responded saying that she could not to speak on the issue.

“We can’t communicate with you until Friday morning,” said Anderson-Facile.

In a joint media release, CSU and CFA management notes that they are currently working to put the matter to rest and come to a solution that would end a planned five-day, systemwide strike on all 23 CSU campuses set to begin April 13.

“CFA and CSU management are working to find a solution, rather than continuing the dispute that began over 11 months ago. Both parties have agreed to honor a 48-hour blackout period, effective today, on internal strike planning, communication efforts and news,” read the media release.

The CFA leaders and CSU officials will hold a news conference on Friday, April 8 in Sacramento where they hope to announce a settlement on the issue.