‘Bachelor nation’ emerges at CSUB for 20th season

Haleigh Earls

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Twenty-five women vying for one man’s heart does not seem like a typical scenario, but for the ABC show The Bachelor, it’s just an average Monday night.


The Bachelor recently began its 20th season, and this season’s bachelor has constantly been referred to as the best bachelor in the history of the show.


As most viewers of the show know, each week Ben eliminates a certain number of girls. After two one-on-one dates and a group date, Ben gives roses to the girls he can see a future with until he ultimately proposes to the woman he wants to marry.


The show’s fan base is referred to as Bachelor Nation, and there are several members of Bachelor Nation on the CSU Bakersfield campus.


One such Bachelor fan, junior liberal studies major Mckenzie Tuttle, watches the show every Monday night.


“Ben is definitely husband goals. I think he’s so caring and has a good, fun personality and he’s also the sweetest,” Tuttle said. “I love how you can tell he’s taking everything really seriously and also that you can see what he’s thinking when he’s talking to a girl just by his facial expressions.”


Another member of Bachelor Nation is senior biology major Stephanie Chang.


“I think Ben is the best bachelor yet, he’s sweet, has values, and really cares about each girl and is protective of them,” Chang said.


Girls aren’t the only ones who watch the show, there are also many male Bachelor fans like senior business major Joe Bressen.


“I think Ben seems like a genuine guy, more so than many bachelors in the past,” Bressen said.


The girls of this season are also a popular topic among those who watch The Bachelor.


“Olivia is just flat out crazy and that’s all I can even say about her,” Tuttle said.


There can be a great amount of drama, which usually derives from one or two girls. In the case of this season, that girl is Olivia.


“I think some of the girls, like Olivia, are immature and still treat life like high school,” said Chang.


Final three picks, meaning the viewers predict who will be the final three women of the season left to vie for Ben’s heart, are also popular among Bachelor Nation.


“My final three picks are Caila, Lauren B., and Becca,” Bressen said.


These top three picks seem to be similar among Bachelor viewers.


“My top three are JoJo, Amanda, and Lauren B. I kind of hope Lauren B. wins and JoJo ends up being the next Bachelorette,” Tuttle said.


Along with Bressen and Tuttle, Chang’s final three are also Becca, Lauren B., and Amanda.


These Bachelor fans, along with Bachelor Nation members around the country, all seem to agree that Ben is one of, if not the, best bachelor in the show’s history. There is also a core group of women who seem to be in the final three picks for most Bachelor viewers.