CSU International program offers students a great opportunity

Garrett Willis



The CSU International Programs (CSU IP) is a program that allows students to study abroad for an entire academic year.

A student could study in places such as Israel, Spain and Chile for about the same price they currently pay.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for students to study abroad,” said communications major Ellen Cook.

Some countries, such as Canada, China, Sweden, Mexico, and the United Kingdom — to name a few — actually cost less to study abroad through CSU IP than it does to study at CSU Bakersfield, and students are elated to find that they receive the same amount of financial aid abroad as they would if they had stayed home.

In turn, if a student were able to put forward a little extra money for living expenses, he or she could study in France, Italy or Japan.

Chemistry major Tyler Rose, who transferred from Bakersfield College this quarter, showed great interest in the program.

“Oh, man. Of course I’m interested. I mean, Italy sounds cool, but I would want to go to the UK,” Rose said.

Studying abroad through CSU IP is not just about studying.

Students are able to travel the country, visit neighboring countries, gain connections through friends and career opportunities, and be completely submerged in a new culture.

Gabriela Ochoa, who double majored in sociology and Spanish, utilized CSU IP to study in Madrid, Spain, and she now works for the CSU IP office here on campus.

“My experience studying abroad was two years ago, but it has been the best thing that has happened to me so far,” said Ochoa. She only had to apply once, and she got accepted.

“Being in a different country” and being “surrounded by different people” were some of Ochoa’s favorite experiences of her time in Spain.

Applications for studying abroad through CSU IP will be closed on February 1st. For a full list of countries and corresponding majors available through CSU IP, please visit http://csuip.calstate.edu/.

Students can also visit the CSU IP office here on campus, which is located to the left of the Cashier’s Office.