Two CSUB students die in Tule River

By Emily Amparan/ Assistant News Editor

By Emily Amparan

Assistant News Editor

   With summer weather only becoming more eminent, trying to stay cool will become a priority. However, it is important to know the dangers of swimming in a river. According to the Visalia Times-Delta, there has been six drownings this year in the Tule River. 

According to the Tulare sheriff department, the Tulare river has been closed since May 5. 

A day out with friends came to a horrid conclusion on April 13 when CSU Bakersfield students Alondra Orozco and Shreya Singh, both 21, fell into the Tule River in Tulare County.

 According to the Tulare County Sheriff’s report, one of the women had fallen into the river, and the other had gone in voluntarily to save her friend.

 Their friends immediately called the Tulare Police Department. Search and Rescue, a Water Dive Rescue team, a drone system, a patrol and resident deputies from the Porterville substation were deployed.

 Singh was found on April 13 and was reported deceased.

 The body had initially been misidentified as Orozco, and her family had been informed. The mix-up was confirmed by the Tulare County Coroners Office.

 The search continued with the inclusion of the Tulare County Fire Department and their air unit, as well as personnel from National Parks and Forest Service. According to the Tulare County Sheriffs report, the search slowed down on April 15 due to the concerning conditions of the river.

 On April 25, a passerby contacted the Tulare Police to report a womans body in the river.

 Tulare County Sheriffs Office Swiftwater Dive Rescue Team arrived on the scene soon after, and the county coroner identified the body as Orozco the following day.

 Orozco was a student in kinesiology with plans to become a physical therapist. Her older sister, Ruby, said Orozco became determined to pursue this career after her niece experienced a brain injury.

 “She was very independent. She had her head set on what she wanted, and she knew she would always go to college,said Ruby.

 Ruby said that her sister never held a grudge and was the peacemaker of the family.

 The Runner made attempts to reach out to Orozcos department on the CSUB campus, but no one has responded.

 The Runner also attempted to reach out to the Singh family through a mutual friend of Orozco and Singh, but they declined to be interviewed.

 Both Singh and Orozco will be greatly missed and remembered by all of those who knew and loved them.


The Tule River is located in the Tulare County. On April 13, two CSUB students died after one fell in and the other jumped in to try and save her.
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