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The Brutez at CSUB

By: Natalie Rodriguez and Andrew Anguiano

Multimedia Reporters


The Brutez is a two man fitness and lifestyle brand. On January 25th CSUB graduate and Co-
Founder, Andrew “Dance Fever” Jones spoke to students on how to utilize their college
experience to succeed.

Campus programming expected around 100 people but the turnout was less than that.

“You know you never know what to think about when it’s the first week of school. Bakersfield just
doesn’t know how to deal with rain. I think if it rains people just don’t want to be outside,” said
Emily Poole, Director of Campus Programming.

The main topic for this motivational speech was about family and autonomy.

“Never worry about a crowd size or anyone else if you are willing to succeed because that is
what my whole story is about,” said Jones.

Jones also had a special message for any student in a difficult time.

“There are students here that your going to connect with that are going to become your family
and assist you in finding love, respect, and everything that your seeking. So make sure that your
paying attention to those people because these guys are my family and they’ve been pushing
me since day one. So find your family,” said Jones.

After the speech was over there was a 30 minute Brutez style workout offered.

“The workout was intense, I really enjoyed it. I’m a dancer and I’ve been dancing for 11 years
but this is a total different environment for me. You need a lot of energy and cardio,” said CSUB
Weightlifting Club President Lorenzo Tafolla.

For more workout videos you can visit The Brutez on their Facebook page.

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