Students snuggle with Marley’s Mutts

By Veronica Morley/Features Editor

By Veronica Morley

Features Editor


In the midst of finals week, the study strong campaign turned the area in front of the Student Union patio into a relaxing dog park. The Associated Students, Inc. invited the charity organization Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue to come on Dec. 14 and help students on campus unwind.

The event was scheduled from noon until 1:15 but the pups hung around for a little while longer. The group of animals included a yellow lab named Luca, and chocolate lab, a chihuahua named Bella, a Terrier named Einstein and more. Students settled around on blankets and had the opportunity to pet and hold the animals.

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue was started by Tehachapi native Zach Skow. Skow will be featured as one of 13 inspirational men in the  2018 The Tails of RescueMen USA Charity Calendar for their efforts to support the #AdoptNeverShop for a companion animal campaign.

Skow started the organization in honor of his experience with his own pet, Marley. Skow shared on the Marley’s Mutts website, “Marley is my rescue-dog and I am his rescue-human. Marley is a Rottweiler-Pit Bull who was rescued from the Mojave Shelter in 2002 at 8 weeks old. I used to carry him around in my back pack with just his head poking out. He is now nearly 15 years old and weighs about 90 pounds. When I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease and steadily losing my life, it was Marley who helped pull me from despair and towards the light and into the fight. It was his relentless love, omnipresent affection and “today can be the best day of our life” mentality which helped me live again. When I had no love for self, but rather great contempt, it was Marley who showed me I was worthy of love. Every morning I contemplated suicide, and every morning he looked at me with a blinding affection which simply could not be ignored. He would force me to love myself by showing me how much he loved me. And it worked. I was stubborn and held out as long as possible and nearly lost my life because of it, but it worked!”

The organization hosts multiple campaigns throughout Kern County. You can read all about these campaigns and the stories of other rescue-dogs on their website. You can also learn how to get involved with the organization or information about rescue and adoption. For more information visit their website

Photo by Veronica Morley/The Runner


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