Meet the Staff

The Runner

Fall 2017



 Christopher Mateo                 

Christopher Mateo is a senior communications major. He started on The Runner in fall of 2015. He began as a photographer, then moved on to distribution manager. He found a passion for breaking news stories and became a full-time writer. Mateo then went on to freelance for a semester but decided to come back as Editor-in-Chief spring of 2017, where he holds that position for a second straight semester. Mateo hopes to continue growing the reputation and quality of The Runner.


Managing Editor Digital 









Paul Lopez 

Paul Lopez has been an active member of The Runner for 3 semesters. He has held a variety of positions such as Advertising Manager, Podcast Editor and currently Managing Editor – Digital. What he likes most about The Runner is the hands-on experience. According to Lopez The Runner  is a great place to work on your writing, audio/video production. His major is Public Relations and his dream job would be to work for a Public/Advertising agency such as Ogilvy, Edelman.


Business Manager 










Elise Fitzpatrick

Elise Fitzpatrick has been a member of The Runner for two semesters. She is a Public Relations major with a minor in Marketing and she is a  junior year at CSUB. In the future she wants to use her Communications degree to work for a nonprofit animal shelter to help animals successfully find homes.   


Web Editor

Roxana Flores 


Copy Chief










Shelby Brown 



News Editor










 Runa Lemminn 

Runa Lemminn in her first semester with The Runner. She is a Communications major with a focus in Journalism. From being on The Runner she has met new people including The Runner staff, as well as everyone she meets in interviews from week to week. Her career goals include anything Journalism or PR-related. Working for places such as the Department of Public Health would be fun,  she likes to stay busy, work with a lot of people and make a positive difference.



Opinions Editor



Features Editor










Veronica Morley

Veronica Morley is a Communications major with a focus on Journalism. She started as a Public Relations major at BYU but fell in love with journalism after an introduction class the end of her freshman year. She transferred to BC where she worked as a reporter and photographer for The Rip. She won second place for Best Photo Series at the CCMA awards 2017 and is now the Features Editor for The Runner. She hopes to move to Arizona and continue writing after she graduates. She hopes to write for a major Daily or magazine.



Sports Editor

Peter Castillo

Peter Castillo is in his third semester on The Runner. He is a native of Upland, California. In Fall 2016, Peter transferred and quickly rose to prominence as a sports reporter covering numerous sports stories. Peter is now the Sports Editor for the third semester. He is majoring in communications and a minor in history. Upon graduation, he would like to pursue a career within sports journalism. His favorite teams include the Angels, the Lakers, the Chargers, and the UCLA Bruins. Peter also loves dogs.



Photography Editor










Jarad Mann 

Jarad “Meathead” Mann is a Communications major with a passion for photography. He is a modern day renaissance man. Along with his full time school schedule and position on The Runner, he is also a small business owner as well as host of a daily morning internet T.V. Show.



Multimedia Editor










Brenda Gonzalez

Brenda Gonzalez is in her second semester with The Runner. What Brenda likes most about The Runner is the opportunities students receive being on staff. She has landed several positions because of the experience The Runner has provided her. She started off as the Assistant Multimedia Editor and was promoted to Multimedia Editor. Her goal is to attend graduate school in Los Angeles. Her career goal is to become a Public Relations Manager. 



Art Director

Kristin Parulan



Podcast Editor










Olivia Kalahar



Distribution Manager

Rebecca Levy


Advertising Manager










Hugo Hernandez