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Relaxing before midterms

By Marilu Cisneros



Midterm season is here, and stress levels are rising. Here are some relaxation tips from psychology lecturer Angela Hupp.

“Usually three deep breaths, into through your nose and out through your mouth will get your chemistry, your physiology calmed down enough to where you can think,” said Hupp. “Because as soon as you are all stressed and thinking about worrying about things, then it’s going to take you out of the moment and you are not going to be able to focus and concentrate on the test.

She added another way to relax from responsibilities is by relaxing at different spots on campus.

“We have so many beautiful spots on campus that if you could just like,” said Hupp. “If you have a half hour before your midterm, maybe you can just get out into nature out there. A beautiful spot, maybe sitting down in the sun or laying down, if it works out for you, and just close your eyes. Soak up all those good feelings of relaxation and serenity, and beauty. And then take that with you into the midterm and then you’ll be more prepared and more ready to just be relaxed because whenever you are stressed out, you are not able to concentrate.”

Hupp said visualization is important.

“Every time that you read and study a question in your mind know, ‘OK, I’m going to get that one right because I’m studying.’ You know kind of visualize in your mind, ‘OK, I know this information. I know I’m going to get it right on the exam and everything is going to be fine.’ Picture yourself even completing the exam and feeling good about it because you know you did very well because you studied and did your best.” said Hupp.