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Protesters march in support of health care and immigration

By Sonia Lemus and Becca Romo

The Runner Staff


Over 150 protesters met behind the Miyoshi Restaurant on Town and Country Lane on Wednesday, Feb. 23 to walk to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s home.

The protesters wanted McCarthy to attend Town Hall meetings to support the Affordable Care Act and provide protection for the immigrant community.

“We are asking Congressman McCarthy to show courage,” said  Francisco Martinez, a member of Faith in the Valley Service Employees International Union.

Incoming CSUB student Kathy Mendoza participated in the march to Congressman Kevin McCarthy house to hold a vigil.
Photo by Karina Diaz/The Runner

The protesters walked through the Edgewater apartments area and held a quick program where community leaders and residents were able to speak about their life experiences and their views on the Affordable Care Act.

“I feel like this country is gripped with fear-mongering,” said Tony Amarante, protester and CSUB alumnus. “Things are going senseless. We live in the greatest country in the history of civilization, but we are gripped with this fear and paranoia. There’s too many things that are too ridiculous, and that’s why I’m marching today.”

Trump supporters surrounded McCarthy’s house to protect his home from being vandalized.   

“Let’s not talk about politics, let’s talk about lives, about saving people’s lives,” said Julie Otero, a United Domestic Workers’ Homecare Providers Union Kern Chapter Board Member.  

Otero says she has tried for months to speak with McCarthy about supporting the Affordable Care Act but has not once been able to speak to him.

At the end of the program, an SEIU member guided the protesters in three chants.

“We aren’t going anywhere. The people want Obama Care.”

“Hey, hey. Ho, ho Kevin McCarthy’s got to know. Ho, ho. Hey, hey that Obama Care has got to stay.”

“No hate, no fear, all immigrants are welcome here.”

Once the protesters arrived at McCarthy’s house, Trump supporters were already there. They stood on the lawn as the protestors marched silently by.

After the walk was done, the protesters returned to the area in which they had held the first program.

One of the leaders asked the crowd how they felt. They shouted saying they felt “Powerful, Happy, Patriotic.”


Veterans stood outside of Congressmen Kevin McCarthy with President Trump flags and American flag as the opposition side walked peacefully by on Thursday, Feb. 23.
Photo by Karina Diaz/The Runner


Protesters held a vigil at Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s home in Bakersfield Thursday, Feb. 23.
Photo by Karina Diaz/The Runner


Protesters marched with their signs hoping to get House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s attention on Thursday, Feb. 23.
Photo by Karina Diaz/The Runner