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New restaurants coming soon to campus

By Triandous Hobson


The next time you visit the Student Union here at CSU Bakersfield expect to see some major changes. Our campus has decided to open not only a Which Wich and a Starbucks, but we are also getting a Panda Express, with the last being set to open as soon as October.

Earlier this semester, an email was sent out to both the staff and students informing us of certain renovations taking place.

It is probably why you have walked into the bookstore and thought this is smaller than it used to be. This brings up a lot of questions like “What’s going to happen to Peet’s?” and “What about Togo’s?” For now, the answer seems unclear.

Having two similar places seems odd, but maybe it can work out. For many, it would be good to have options, and it would be nice to not have to go clear across campus to get anything. For others, the campus still does not offer enough variety to want to stay on the grounds and eat what is available to them.

You might like all of the additions to the school but might have the same question that many others will ask as well, “Is it worth it?” All three places are bound to be crowded and packed at almost all times. Add in the fact they are pricey as well, and you might not want to eat there.

The email also tells us that the Runner Café has also become a buffet of some sort. So, gone are the other meals you could get inside such, as burgers and pizza. Now what is taking its place is an all you can eat spot.

Also, if you were wondering about Rowdy’s, no need as we’ve been told that somehow, we are going to still have it in the same place where the new Panda Express will be. You will still be able to get a beer to pass the time as you wait during your class break; though, one has to wonder how it will work as the space has always been seen as small.

Maybe you are a person on campus who does not care for any of these places at school, give it time. Our options might be limited for now, but soon we might just have more variety and healthier options on campus.

One thing is for certain our school will be raking in a lot of cash when these new restaurants open. Maybe this will allow for more students to get jobs on campus like the Student Recreation Center. Regardless, we should be applauding our school for trying to do something different and attempting to give us something new.