New engineering building in its first stage

Alexis Redding/ Reporter

Alexis Redding


  CSU Bakersfield’s engineering building is in the proposal stage. Prior to the proposal, the Academic Affairs Facilities’ planning process took place in fall 2016. The final step is approval from the CSU Chancellor’s office to start construction at the university.

  The School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering (NSME) submitted the proposal for a building that will expand enrollment, student success, and research agenda within the department.

  Once the proposal gets accepted, construction will begin, with the help of the Office of Academic Programs, Facilities Division, and local architects.

  NSME hopes that students will soon gain access to the new campus structure and witness the continuation of modernizing the university.

  The building will be located between the university’s Student Health Center and Science III structures.

  Two other departments also created proposals in fall of 2016. They are the Arts and Humanities (A&H) and the Social Sciences and Education (SSE) department.

  The building proposals were developed as part of the schools and their faculty’s goals to develop the university and help their students succeed.

  All students, staff, and faculty have access to the proposals and data-based plans for the pending structures on the university’s webpage.

  These three proposals, under the Academic Affairs Facilities Master Plan, can be found on CSUB’s web page.

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