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Hispanic Heritage month has arrived

By Chantel Vargas


  Hispanic Heritage Month Kick-Off begins Sept. 15 at the Student Union patio at 11 a.m. 

  On  Aug. 29 at the Affinity Groups Welcome Back Social, Faust Gorhman said the association’s mission statement as follows.

  “The CSU Bakersfield Latina and Latino Faculty & Staff Association is committed to the advancement of the university’s Latina/Latino community.” 

  From Sept. 15 to Nov. 5, CSUB will hold several events celebrating the Latin culture. 

  For the month of September, people should look forward to cultural foods, panels, shows, screenings and much more.

  On Sept. 18 there will be Mexican sweet bread, known as “pan dulce” in Spanish, and doughnuts in the Student Union lobby at 9 a.m.

  On Sept. 28 there will be an Immigration Panel Discussion in the Stockdale Room at noon.

  From Sept. 22 to Sept. 28 there will be a “Dolores” documentary screening at Maya Cinemas, located at 1000 California Ave.

     One of CSU Bakersfields’ new professors, Jorge E. Moraga, shares what it means for him to be Latino. 

  “It means that we have a long rich history of struggle and lucha [fight]. Despite all the odds of colonization, economic exploitation, force migration, removal, racism, stereotypes, prejudice, we’re still here and having that as part of my identity makes me proud but it’s also a painful reckoning,” said Moraga. 

One of the association’s goals is to organize cultural events both on campus and off. By doing this, many doors will be open for people to learn more about the Latino culture.

  Moraga is most looking forward to the newness of coming back to a CSUB as a faculty member instead of a student. He is excited to work with first generation college students, the working class and students of color.