Fraternity celebrates a holiday tradition

By Chantel Varges/ Reporter

By Chantel Vargas


  CSU Bakersfield’s fraternity Delta Zeta Tau hosted the 18th annual La Gran Posada on Nov. 16 in the Student Union.

  The event began with dinner and music by Mariachi Juvenil. The Student Union was decorated with papel picado and a donkey piñata on every table used as center pieces. 

  Three different types of tacos were served at the event with chips, salsa, Mexican sweet bread known as “pan dulce” in Spanish, and much more.

  The vice president of DZT, Adalberto Valenzuela, and brother Francisco Torres introduced La Gran Posada’s guest speaker Clarita Portillo and recited the fraternity’s mission statement in both English and Spanish.

  “Delta Zeta Tau Fraternity, founded in the fall of 1992, aims to enable, empower and enlighten CSUB students of Latino and Hispanic descent by promoting education, cultural traditions, and provide a sense of unity among its members. The gentlemen of Delta Zeta Tau are committed to excellence.”

  Portillo is the founder of Mariposa Con Propósito, which means Butterfly With Purpose in Spanish.

  Portillo explained what a Posada is: “The posadas are some of Mexico’s most popular traditions. It’s about parties, games, songs and the breaking of the traditional piñatas.”

  La Gran Posada reenacts the biblical story of Mary and Joseph searching for lodging in Bethlehem on the eve of the birth of Jesus.

  DZT introduced the re-enactment with the song “Campana Sobre Campana” then shared red velvet and tres leches cake and followed along with the folklorico segment.

  Marc Chavez, a local guest at the event, shared his thoughts on the 18th annual La Gran Posada.

  “Watching everyone sing all the songs about Jesus together was a joy. Seeing the families point to the words with their little ones in their laps and spreading the word of God was really sweet,”

  “The folklorico dance was very beautiful to watch. The colors of all the dresses were so vivid. Watching them dance and sway their dresses from left to right was very mesmerizing,” said Chavez.

  Adrian Aguirre, the coordinator of La Gran Posada, closed the program with a thank you recognition and opened up El Baile, which means the dance. 

  Each organization that helped make the celebration was rewarded with certificates.

  Organizations including the Associated Students Inc., Nu Pi Chi, Newman Club, Saint Augustine Church and many other organizations.

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