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Essential test-taking tips

By Gustavo Reveles

Midterm week is finally behind us.

While many students feel accomplished with their test performance, and others are content and satisfied, some students are still finding it difficult to perform, even after studying for hours.

Achieving one’s educational and professional goals generally depends on academic performance. The experience of anxiety before a test, along with poor preparedness, not to mention being emotionally drained, creates a problematic and recurring theme for students.

According to researcher David J. Burns of Xavier University, higher test anxiety appeared to be related to lower test performance.

Additionally, anxious individuals were more likely to self-criticize their test performance and experience worry interfering with their test performance.

Anxious individuals were three times more likely to drop out of college. However, test anxiety is just one factor that can contribute to test performance. Not every college student has the same schedule and lifestyle.

Some students are parents with a much stricter schedules who may not have the luxury of extra study time. 

Other students work part-time and partake in school activities and clubs that may take time away from essential study time.

CSUB student Jackie Medina said that the most challenging tasks are timed exams, which involve “trying to figure out the answers as quickly as you can,” Medina said.

Test performance can be hindered by the amount of time a student has to take a test, especially with classes being shorter in the semester.

CSUB student Ivonn Medina said knowing what content to study is the most challenging, because most of the test subjects in study guides are broad.

Medina usually reviews and rewrites her notes as one of her test-taking strategies.

In the world of college academia with its vast studies and majors, not all tests are structured the same.

However, there are still essential test-taking tips that can be utilized by all students for future tests.