Campus constructs more parking

CSUB adds an additional parking lot

By Mickey Van Horn


A new parking lot is being constructed on the CSU Bakersfield near lots K1 and K2.

The new parking lot will ease the anxiety of student drivers who now have trouble finding spaces.

Vice President of Facilities Patrick Jacobs said the project for the new parking lot should have been completed earlier in the semester but has been set back.

“The parking lot we are working on should be finished by the fifteenth of March, assuming we have no more bad weather,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs said the lots were originally intended to finish at the beginning of the spring 2017 semester. 
Guillermo Arredondo, math major, said there was lack of parking and how finding parking has made him late to class on more than one occasion.

“We should add a little bit more parking lots for students who come to CSUB,” said Arredondo. “Most of the time it gets packed, and people will fight over parking lots.”

  Jacobs also said that the campus has not decided whether they will have faculty or staff parking. This decision is still being reviewed by the Academic Senate. Luckily for students, another parking lot is being added to the north side of campus.

According to Jacobs, this parking lot will be open later in the spring semester near the site where the new Humanities Office Building is being constructed, along with 200 new spaces adjacent to Parking Lot A toward CSUB Way.

Students here on campus have been waiting for more parking, and now they will get what they want.


CSU Bakersfield Parking lot K1, K2, and constructing K3.

Graphic by AJ Alvarado/ The Runner

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