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CSUB brings back Greek Week 2017

By Gustavo Reveles



Greek organizations around campus continued celebrating Greek Week with fun activities like tug of war, volleyball, and lip sync battles on Wednesday, April 5th outside of the Student Union Patio at CSU Bakersfield.

Sophomore and political science major Sofia Arellano said this was her first year experiencing Greek Week and how the important it is to Greeks and her own sorority, Nu Phi Chi.

“For being my first Greek Week it seems really fun,” said Arellano. “I get to talk to different students from different organizations, we actually reach out to other fraternities, other sororities, and also try to reach out to students.”

Every year, Greeks compete and participate against each other to win the trophy of the Greek Week champions.

Last school year, Gamma Phi Beta sorority took the win as they became three-time Greek Week champions.

Greek organizations also took part in the annual Greek house building projects and presented their creativity.

A Disney theme was the focus for this year’s annual Greek Week housing project.

All Greek organizations were given two days to complete their projects. The expense for building a Greek house estimates around $500 to $600. Most organizations reused last year’s Greek houses to build this year’s theme.

“We’re given the whole weekend,” said 21-year-old kinesiology major and Delta Zeta Tau member Jesus Castrejln. “Basically, from the sunrise to sunset.”

Kinesiology major and Nu Phi Chi member Vanessa Martinez highlighted the outreach numerous activities Greek Week has hosted in the past and the message it sends around campus.

“Greek Week is all about bringing the students together and showing that Greek organizations are not the stigma that everybody thinks,” said Martinez.

Environmental resource management major and Delta Zeta Tau Arturo Sotelo expressed the value and meaning their fraternity and Greek Week means to them.

“A lot of things that people don’t pay attention to is that [Greek organizations] do a lot of community service here on campus, like campus clean up,” said Sotelo. Our [Greek organizations] main goal is to get everybody to graduate and support each other.”

Greek Week will continue with skits on Thursday at 5 p.m. and the winners will be announced at the celebratory Greek Gala on Friday, April 7 at 7 p.m.


Jeannette Sevilla dresses up as Mr. Fantastic during last years Greek Week. Greek organizations participate in the annual Greek Week with activities like skits, house building, volleyball, and a lip sync battle.
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