A bittersweet farewell

ASI president prepares for new journey to Ole Miss

By Breanna Hunczak

Spring always brings new changes to CSU Bakersfield.

Flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, professors are retiring, and seniors are leaving to go on to bigger and better things.

This stage in the students’ journeys causes some to reflect on how far they have come, who supported them and where they are going.

Alex Dominguez, the president of Associated Students Inc., reflects on his time at CSUB.

 “I remember the first day I came to the CSUB orientation, and now in a few short weeks, I will be graduating. It went by so fast,” said Dominguez.

Dominguez was a transfer student from Bakersfield College, where he spent three years trying to figure out what his passion was.

He said he thought it might be accounting, but he changed his mind after taking an accounting class.

He then tried out a criminal justice class, but found himself more drawn to the politics of it all.

Finally, he took a political science class and found his passion.

Dominguez came to CSUB in his junior year and decided to jump right into the politics of CSUB by being ASI president.

He was born and raised in Bakersfield, and he said that he will never lose sight of his roots.

“I will always come back home to Bakersfield and my mama,” said Dominguez.

Dominguez is a student first and foremost.

He said he gets stressed and overwhelmed, especially when it came to starting his graduation journey.

“Applying for graduation was frustrating, because you have to apply a year in advance,” he said. “I almost missed the deadline and was concerned about the other students, so I ran around campus telling students about graduation in class. I could just see the blood in their face drain because they didn’t apply in time. I began taking down their names and emailing Admissions telling them that these students need to graduate.” 

After all the paperwork was in order, Dominguez was able to enjoy the rest of his time at CSUB.

He said he has had great experiences being a student, because he feels that there is always something  to do.

“These university experiences are important, because not every student is from Bakersfield. CSUB has a feeling of home which makes the international students feel more comfortable in their new environment,” said Dominguez.  

Dominguez said he has come to love the community feeling.

He has been accepted into the University of Mississippi law school.

“I am going to miss the feeling of home that I get from CSUB, but I am also going to take this with me to Ole Miss,” said Dominguez.

The school was not his first choice, but CSUB Vice President of Student Affairs Thomas Wallace had urged Dominguez to go to an interview with a representative from Ole Miss, where he will begin studying business law this fall.

With his future plans in place, Dominguez advises students to get involved, “not only with all the activities and other students, but with the professors as well. I have an on-campus mentor, and I can go to there for anything I need,” said Dominguez.

Dominguez suggested that the new ASI officers remember who they represent.

“Remember the students you represent, because your decision affects everyone on this campus,” said Dominguez.

“You are not just one voice. You are the voice of ten thousand students on campus, and the ones that have yet to come.

Go out and get to know your students. Enjoy their company and their stories, because they will help you make the campus better.”   

In a few weeks, Dominguez will graduate with a B.A. in political science with a minor in marketing.

He said that he is both excited and nervous to embark on his new journey, but for now, he is just enjoying being home.


ASI President and senior Alex Dominguez awaits graduation and his future at the University of Mississippi for law school. Photo by Simer Khurana/The Runner

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